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Submission Guidelines

There are two ways to submit: you can pitch an idea, or you can submit a full manuscript. At this time we are only accepting pitches or manuscripts from non-tenure-track faculty, so please confirm your institution and status in your email. We accept pitches from anyone associated with an institution of higher education who is not tenured or in a tenure-track position. This includes current and former temporary faculty, non-tenure-track contract faculty, staff, non-tenure-track administration positions, and graduate students. We review anonymously and can accommodate authors who prefer to publish anonymously.

To pitch: in 300 words or less, describe your proposed idea and how it relates to non-tenure-track faculty or speaks to their experience. If you can, identify which of the seven categories described on our About page it matches. Send your pitch here.

To submit a paper: send a PDF of your manuscript to In the body of the email, please identify how it speaks to what we focus on and why. In addition, please identify in which of the seven article categories it fits. Finally, please include a statement indicating that the paper is your own unique work and is not under submission to another journal.

While you must document your sources, to promote inclusivity we do not require that submissions adhere to any particular documentation format. Published papers will need to be cited in APA format.


We are excited to announce that our next publication is scheduled for Spring 2025. Keep an eye out for updates and be sure to check back in early Fall 2024 for the announcement of our next call for proposals. The submission window will open in early January.

Review Process

Once a complete manuscript is submitted, it first undergoes an initial screening by the editors-in-chief to ensure it complies with our basic guidelines and is appropriate for the journal. Then, identifying information redacted, it is sent to a team of 2-3 reviewers and an assigned editor, who read the manuscript, provide constructive and actionable feedback and present that feedback to the author(s). Our goal at this stage is to be encouraging and compassionate and to work with our authors to present the best research that we can. We strive to make this process feel supportive. While we will not be able to accept all papers submitted to us, we hope to provide authors with a positive and constructive experience. Our editors’ decision on a manuscript is final, however.

Preparation of manuscripts

For submission: Send your complete manuscript as a PDF or Word file.
For publication: Once your paper has been accepted for publication, we ask that you submit your paper in Word format, with tables and figures included as separate files (not embedded). Use APA format to prepare your citations.


All work submitted must be an author’s own unique work and neither the text or figures can be reproduced from another work without proper documentation and permission. We take accusations of plagiarism, data falsification, inappropriate author credit, and misuse of text generator programs (ChatGPT, for example) very seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy toward unethical submissions.